Yala Jewellery

Yala Women Jewellery

Yala empowers the beauty of African talent and its people. They achieve this by paying homage to Kenyan cultural jewellery and spotlighting the makers behind the expertly crafted accessories. Yala commits to working with over 150 Kenyan artisans near Nairobi, creating financial opportunities to sustain their unmatched talent. The highly skilled makers ethically source recycled, reclaimed and reused materials. Such as the recycled brass for the meticulous Yala jewellery. 

Combining techniques passed over generations with modern aesthetics allows Yala to create a bridge between the customers and makers. The artisans such as the Masaai ladies create bold and colourful pieces using traditional glass beading techniques. The other skilled makers from the brass workshop handmake the recycled brass accessories plated with high-quality gold and silver. So, there’s transparency in knowing the origin of and who created your jewellery.

Audrey, founder and CEO, made her ambitions of an ethical and eco-friendly jewellery company a reality. SATIVA is proud to work with a company like Yala. Audrey founded Yala with the vision to connect people and form this community where you can play a part. Delve into the range of stunning Yala jewellery pieces that we offer. 

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