Sio Double Wrap Multi Colour Beaded Necklace

The Sio Double Wrap Multi Colour Women Beaded Necklace.


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The Sio Double Wrap Multi Colour Beaded Necklace screams fun and flirty. The lengthy strand of bright and colourful glass beads allows you the option to wrap the piece twice around your neck. The illusion of the double wrap effect gives you the chance to don the Sio alone or can inspire your starting point to build up your layered look as you stack more Yala pieces. The Sio necklace paired with the Ahero Gold Medallion Beaded Maasai Necklace compliments the red and gold colours as if they were a match made in heaven. The Sio multi colour beaded necklace emphasises that jewellery allows you to express your playful side and embrace ‘holiday’ jewellery or your inner ‘hot girl’ daily rather than just for summer or vacations. 


The women from the BMB Workshop in Kenya cleverly sequence the bold and colourful red, white, gold and blue beads of the Sio Double Wrapped Necklaces onto a highly durable and flexible 49 strand stainless steel wire. The extra length allows you the preference to wrap around your wrist multiple times. So whether you choose to wear the piece by Yala jewellery like a bracelet or necklace, you can add extra spice and liveliness to your outfit. As promised, the item is gift box ready in Yala’s ecological packaging.  

Weight 120 g
Dimensions 119 × 14 × 4 cm