About Sativa Hemp Bags

Sativa Bags is strongly committed to providing a selection of brands that practice environmental responsibility for our planet’s future where possible. Therefore, we focus on luxury products that uphold our core values of respectfully using hemp, organic and alternative natural resources to ethical standards.

We are proud to carry our own Sativa Bags brand of contemporary hemp and organic cotton blend collections, designed in house. Due to our high-quality merchandise and exceptional customer care, Sativa Bags has had its foot firmly in the industry for over 25 years. Our unrelenting hard work and raw determination at Sativa Bags helped pave the way for us to become the environmental platform we call Sativa. Therefore, Sativa strives to distribute innovative brands that oppose mass consumption and align with our company ethos.

Our Sativa Bags team is highly passionate about industrial hemp due to its extensive environmental and social advantages when sourced ethically. We work extremely closely with a family-run factory from Hong Kong that has been a part of our journey from the beginning, ensuring our products line up with moral standards. They are responsible for sourcing the 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton blend fabric, then using an AZO free dyeing process and manufacturing our Sativa bags and accessories.

Sativa Bags has allowed us creative license to create a brand that embraces hemp and organic fabrics through bags and accessories that last. The Sativa Bags design decisions have functionality at the forefront of our minds, followed by style. As our brand evolved, we continued with the favourite timeless pieces and refreshed our collection with trendy and current styles. We wanted to create versatile collections that show we can all embrace an eco-lifestyle through fashion. Sativa Bags have shared bags that suit individuals, from the streetwear hypebeasts and city-goers to our bohemian customers or countryside lovers.

As Sativa Bags has grown, it has always been important that the quality of the fabric and construction does, too, create durable bags and accessories for longevity. The Sativa Bags details have become our USP elevating the luxury finishings that distinguish us from other natural bag and accessory companies. The heavy-duty hardware, such as the metal ‘HEMP’ globe embossed zips, metal SATIVA logo tag or customised SATIVA carabiner clips, reflect our refined and close attention to detail. Another feature Sativa Bags pride itself upon is the ‘hidden zip’ allowing the owners to keep their valuables or secret stash discreet and safe. It is the details that matter.

Sativa Bags has its core colour palette where we occasionally introduce new colours. However, all options are suitable all year round as we firmly believe in seasonless fashion. Seasonless fashion allows the Sativa Bags customer to escape the pressure of adhering to changing trends and allow their individualness to flourish continuously. Most importantly, the purpose of creating seasonless collections slows down consumption.


Alongside Sativa Bags, we have chosen to carry brands such as Freshemp, YALA Jewellery and Bottega Della Canapa, which support the Sativa philosophy. Through cosmetics, jewellery, and clothing, our companies considerately relish hemp and other natural fibres’ advantages. Our Sativa team is dedicated to sustaining and creating long-standing relationships with suppliers, wholesale customers and retail customers. Building these relationships comes from loyalty, accountability, and taking the time to provide an unrivalled Sativa Bags customer and supplier experience.