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Kabola Chunky Chain Link Necklace

The Kabola Silver Women Chunky Chain Link Necklace by Yala.

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The Kabola Chunky Chain Link Necklace is a ubiquitous piece that you can rock with streetwear to complete your fashion moment whilst meeting the ‘hot list’ conditions for a night out. Link chain jewellery dominated the 80s era and never entirely faded away. However, they’re back with a vengeance, serving centre stage as a staple for every fashion-conscious individual, and Yala has firmly understood the assignment.    The skilled brass artisans from the workshop near Nairobi create the Kabola Chunky Chain by reclaiming brass, followed by a recycling and purifying procedure. Finally, the artisan team executes the contemporary necklace structure with silver chrome plating. The silver finish gives a modern, fresh and laid-back demeanour that works seamlessly with every outfit enabling you to ooze cool. Furthermore, the Yala design allows the toggle clasp to secure through the chunky links at numerous lengths, allowing the ability to replicate the choker style.    As the unspoken rule of ‘less is more’ grows dimmer, we witness party and statement jewellery featuring in everyday styling. The desire to boldly and confidently accessorise as a vehicle to have fun is an exciting progression. As the notion of trends begins to vanish, dressing fearlessly to express personality and consider environmental responsibility dominates the industry. So, to make your unapologetic statement, pair the Kabola Chunky Chain Link Necklace with its soulmate, the Kabola Chunky Chain Link Earrings.    All Yala jewellery is beautifully gift-wrapped in eco Yala branded packaging, whether you gift the pieces to yourself or a loved one. 

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 19 × 14 × 4 cm