Olengo Mismatched Gold Star & Moon Earring Studs

Olengo  Gold Women Mismatched Star & Moon Earring Studs by Yala.


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Olengo Mismatched Star & Moon Earring Studs by Yala are stunning accessories to transition from day to night, creating a simple yet classy look. The charming celestial pairing of the crescent moon mismatched with the eight-pointed star makes for an adorable duo. The 100% recycled brass earrings are plated in gold with surgical steel pins made by George and the Kenyan artisans in his team who specialise in producing extremely high-quality brass. The Olengo star and moon are THE earrings if you need a pair of simple studs for daily wear but still have a playful spirit, letting your personality twinkle. 


Yala has saved you time by gift wrapping the earrings beautifully in their personalised packaging with a thoughtful and eco-conscious unboxing experience. The magical design will have you smiling every time you wear the Olengo Mismatched Star & Moon due to the sweet and whimsical nature of the studs, ideal as a present for a loved one.