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Sativa Bags Christmas Gift Guide

Sativa Bags Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Why is Christmas 2021 so special? 

At Sativa Bags we have put together a Christmas gift guide so we can make your life easier this season. Christmas is approaching, and the UK is bustling with excitement. We begin to fashion our cosiest outfits and channel our festive spirit with a cup of hot chocolate. However, this holiday season is one like no other. Last year we were all met with an anti-climatic and sombre Christmas. We all had to come together differently by staying home to protect our loved ones. After Xmas 2020 being something out of a fiction book, the familiar spirit of the festivities disappeared. So this Christmas season feels just that more special. Something we will undoubtedly cherish with our friends and family. 

How can our Christmas Gift Guide make your shopping less stressful? 

Each day leading up, we relaxingly think about our Christmas day roast and whether we’ve been naughty or nice this year. Then, as we decorate our Christmas tree with our family and fairy lights adorn our homes, the thought of presents begins to dawn upon us. Suddenly a sense of panic creeps upon most of us as we keep putting off the task. We have decided to create a guide, so you barely have to think. Don’t be that person who purchases the most unwanted gift in the room that makes you the butt of future Christmas jokes. Consider us your elves. 

Can you make your Christmas shopping sustainable? 

Christmas is an overwhelmingly lively time, but it comes with downfalls. For instance, the holiday season has a considerable effect on the environment for many reasons. For example, the number of toxic materials used or gifts wasted makes most Christmas presents harmful to the environment. That is why we encourage you to try and shop sustainably this year if you can. 

The idea is to think of the individuals you are willing to make a larger purchase on your list. Then consider more sustainable gifts, thinking about details such as the materials, longevity and ethos of the brand. We understand this might feel like a task, so we have included a range of our 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton blend bags in this Christmas gift guide. You are investing in a Sativa Bags gift for your loved one because it is a present for life. The durable fabrics and timeless styles mean they will not be shoving your present to the back of their wardrobe, re-gifting it or eventually having to throw it away. 


Let’s get into the Christmas gift guide. A present for…



The Sling By Sativa Bags

Grey Sativa Bags Sling Crossbody


Sativa Hemp Elegant Shoulder Bag

Sativa Bags Hemp Organic Cotton Elegant Shoulder Bag in Purple

The Fashion Guru

The CrossOver By Sativa Hemp Bags

Crossbody Sativa Bags Hemp Organic Cotton BumbagThe workaholic

Sativa Hemp Large Laptop BagSativa Hemp Large Laptop Bag

The Jet Setter

Sativa Hemp Fold Up Backpack

Sativa Hemp Fold Up Backpack

Our clever backpack can be folded into the front pocket, giving the option to carry your small essentials or use the full rucksack for larger items.

Sativa Hemp Backpack Folded UpThe Outdoor Adventurer

The Adventurer By Sativa Hemp Bags 

Hemp and Organic Cotton Sativa Bags Adventurer Rucksack


The Teen

The Mini Crossbody By Sativa Bags 

Mini Crossbody By Sativa Bag Organic Cotton and Hemp Bag


The couple who had a lockdown baby!

Sativa Hemp Large Postman Bag

Sativa Hemp Large Postman Bag

The Little Ones

Sativa Hemp Coin Pouch

Sativa Hemp Coin Pouch in Red and Grey


Back to School

The Percy By Sativa Hemp Bags

Inside Of The Percy Hardback Pencil Case

The Healthy Eater

Hanf Nature Hemp Food 

Why not put together your own health conscious hamper as a nice and thoughtful touch this Christmas?

Hanf Nature Hemp Foods

Their Beauty Regime

Bottega Della Canapa Hemp Cosmetics

Hemp Hydrating Face Cream and Oil Balm by Bottega Della Canapa Cosmetics