The Percy by Sativa Hemp Bags


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The Percy by Sativa Hemp Bags is a hardback and extremely durable pencil case is the perfect size with three main compartments each with two sides. A sleek design, able to store all your tools and slide easily into your rucksack. The middle compartment has slots for your pens and pencils or brush style tools, whilst the front and back compartment have the same layout for the rest of your items. Open pockets to slot your notebooks and zippable pockets for your smaller items inside the case allows you to have a sturdy organiser.

This sleek and professional look is perfect for work and travel to store your daily essentials.


  • Hardback

  • Pen holders

  • Zipped pockets

  • Open pockets

  • Hidden pocket

Brand Sativa
Material Hemp
Length 5cm
Width 16cm
Height 24cm
Colour Khaki, Grey, Dark Brown & Light Grey
Weight N/A

Dark Brown, Grey, Khaki, Light Grey